Phrao Hospital

Phrao Hospital


The local hospital in Phrao district, of Chiang Mai province are looking for therapists to assist local staff (depending on their level of experience and qualifications. This is an opportunity to give back and gain meaningful experience working in a hospital and rehabilitation center. Phrao hospital is dependent on the Thai government, and is a service for all those around the district. The hospital also works with public health centers across the district. It will be a therapeutic and fun experience for all involved!

Hospital front


Phrao hospital are looking for 2/3, female, 21 and over, volunteers for 1 to 3 months stay. Please still get in touch if you are only 1 volunteer and/or currently studying.


Your work

Whether volunteering as an occupational therapist or an art therapist, the work will be both challenging and rewarding. Volunteers will work alongside local therapists providing care for patients in the rehabilitation center of the hospital. Art therapists will work with a range of groups that focus on a variety of social issues. They will have the opportunity to work with refugees, physically and mentally disabled people, indigenous hill tribe groups, people living with HIV/AIDS, and young mothers. Occupational therapists will have a valuable role to play in the hospital; whether you are a trained professional looking for ways to usefully use your annual leave, a student searching for relevant experience, or an undergraduate organising an overseas elective, this will be an exciting experience for you.


Work is Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm, and volunteers should expect a varied schedule depending on the current patients of the hospital. Volunteers with more experience and qualifications are likely to be given more freedom, and ideas are welcome!


Food and accommodation

Volunteer House

Volunteers will be allocated a weekly allowance for food. This will be enough to cover breakfast and dinner, as lunch will be provided at the hospital. Lunch will be local thai food, cooked by the staff.


Accommodation is on the same site as the hospital, so you will not have to walk far! This also means you will not be provided with transport, unless you are doing mobile visits, in which case the hospital will lend you a motorcycle or hospital car.


Required skills

Qualifications for therapist volunteers vary. Phrao hospital are willing to accept those who are training in the industry as well as fully qualified professionals. Volunteers must be able to work on their own and in a team, and possess creative qualities in order to organise interesting activities for individuals and groups at the hospital.


Volunteers may sometimes be asked to travel with staff members for activities. These staff members are likely to possess little English skills and so a very basic understanding of the Thai language will help, or at least the willlingness to learn. English should be at a conversational level, as this will help communicate with other staff members who will be allocated to you for translation purposes.

Summary Criteria




Position: Occupational Therapist and Art Therapist


Age: 21 and over


Sex: Female


Start date: Any


Duration: 1 - 3 months


Qualifications: Occupatioal or Art therpist, in training or qualified

Inside volunteer house

On site volunteer accommodation

Are you interested and want to help abroad? See how to apply here or send us an email so we can answer your questions!

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