English Teaching


English teachers needed at Mae Pa Kee School

Mae Pa Kee School is home to children from pre-school age to secondary (5 to 15 years), from the surrounding villages and hill tribes. Some children also live here at this school, due to its location far into the mountains of Phrao district. Mae Pa Kee School are looking for English teachers to help improve their teaching...(read more)


English teachers to help at Ban Luang School

Ban Luang School are looking for English teachers to help improve their English teaching and contribute to their school. Students here range from 5 to 15 years, and teaching would be spread across the levels (unless otherwise stated or you have a preference). In a small village in Phrao, this is ideal for...(read more)


Chao Pho Luang 2 School are looking for English teachers

A beautiful school deep in the mountains of Phrao is looking for volunteer English and Art teachers to help improve their school and give the students the opportunity to learn from English speakers. This school has students from 4/5 to 11 years of age, and teaching would spread across the years. An excellent opportunity...(read more)


Little Candles School are looking for help from English and Chinese teachers for Kindergarten

Not far from the main town in Phrao, Chiang Mai, this school is home to students from 3 to 6 years of age. Little Candles School are looking for English and Chinese teachers to assist with their curriculum for Kindergarten teaching. This is a great opportunity for the school to learn from native speakers and for you to learn skills in teaching abroad...(read more)


English teachers needed at Ta Ma Kiang School

Ta Ma Kiang School are looking for English teachers to help their students improve their English skills, speaking and writing. A very enthusiastic school with students eager to learn, this will be a great experience for volunteers who wish to immerse themselves in a Thai school. Ages range from 7 to 12 years and teaching will be spread according to need...(read more)


Phrao Wittayakom School, Phrao, Chiang Mai

Phraowittayakom school is the government public school located in Chiang Mai province. It is the largest secondary school in Phrao district, home to 1,500 students, ages 13 to 18 years. Phraowittayakom are looking for Language Teaching Assistant(s) to work for education development in the language department...(read more)


Phrae Santi-Jintana School for the Blind

Phrae School for the blind opened in April of 2005 with 16 students. To this date they now have 51 students, all boarding, ranging from 3 years of age to 19 years. Students will attend the school until Grade 6 and then move onto public schools in the district, whilst they stay at the dormitory and extra support and resources where needed. Around 10 children at the school have multiple disabilities. read more


physio therapist

Physio therapists to work alongside Always Reading Caravan Association (ARC)

ARC is a small association in Phrao helping children and adults find their love for reading, through a community library and a mobile library. The mobile library visits far out schools and locals around Phrao district who cannot come to the library due to their disability. These children and adults find it difficult to make regular trips to the hospital and there is not always the facilities to help them...(read more)

physio therapist

Occupational and art therapists needed to help in local Phrao Hospital

The local hospital in Phrao district, of Chiang Mai province are looking for therapists to assist local staff (depending on their level of experience and qualifications). This is an opportunity to give back and gain meaningful experience working in a hospital and rehabilitation center. Phrao hospital is dependent on the Thai government, and is a service for all those around the district...(read more)

Organisational Development

Child and Youth Development Association (CYDA) are looking to start a guest house and need your help


CYDA is a NGO operating in Chiang Mai, with its main purpose to support disadvantaged children and to improve their quality of life. CYDA want to give the children the opportunity to get higher education, learn about agriculture, ecology, environment conservation, and promote Thai culture and traditions...(read more)

Abu Ari Foundation


Information for this great opportunity will be coming shortly!

Community Development

Siplang Village, Phrao, need group volunteers to help with construction and building

Siplang village

The villagers of Siplang are looking for volunteers to help construct and build toilets for 4 homes, with the possibility of more. Many who do not have a toilet at their home have to wait to use their neighbours or use their surroundings, this can be a problem when households grow and for the other villagers. We are looking for a group of volunteers, minimum 3, to do some labour work...(read more)

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