Siplang Village in Phrao need volunteers to help with construction and building


The villagers of Siplang are looking for volunteers to help construct and build toilets for 4 homes, with the possibility of more. Many who do not have a toilet at their home have to wait to use their neighbours or use their surroundings, this can be a problem when households grow and for the other villagers.

Siplang Village

We are looking for a group of volunteers, minimum 3, to do some labour work, for a minimum of 1 month.


Your Work

Siplang village is situated far in the mountains of Phrao and far from local ammenities. Children who are from Siplang will leave their homes at an early age to board at school around Phrao. There is also an early childhood literacy centre (Sunshine Kids Centre), which has been set-up by Move Lanna's mother organisation, ARC, and helps children from 3 to 6 years prepare for school. The villagers of Siplang are from the 'Akha' hill tribe and so speak another language that is different from Thai, this therefore can be difficult for children when they start primary school as the medium of instruction is Thai.


The teacher of Sunshine Kids Centre has identified that there are several households who do not have a bathroom and are in need of one. The job of the volunteers would therefore be to clear the land next to the individual houses, and build the toilet rooms. Material will be bought previously and you may work alongside some helping hands from the village. Depending on when volunteers come, it may be quite hot and so work could be slow. Be prepared for this hot weather!



You will work Monday to Friday, with hours varying. This means you have the weekend free and you may be able to get a ride to Phrao town, and then a bus to the city of Chiang Mai. The weekends are your time, so use it wisely to explore the wonders of northern Thailand!


Food and Accommodation

Accommodation is provided and will be in Siplang village. You will be given the choice of staying at the kids centre or in the house of the teacher. Accommodation is very basic, so please do not expect anything you may have at home. See the pictures of the village to get an idea of the wooden houses. Food will also be provided and will often be northern Thai food. If you have any dietry requirements then these will be passed onto your host.


Required Skills

Volunteers must be over 18, and have a good level of physical fitness. Work can be tiring and long, and so volunteers should be prepared for this. English is not essntial but basics will help, however many in Siplang will not be able to speak English, so a very basic level of Thai will go a long way.

Siplang village

No experience is required. Volunteers need to be pro-active, hard working, and dedicated. We advise volunteers to come in a group as you may want each other for company and the more hands on deck, the easier the work will be. If you are only 1, then please give us your name and details and we will put you on the list and wait for further volunteers to join you.

Summary Criteria




Position: Builder/Construction worker


Age: 18 and over


Sex: Male or Female (group preferred)


Start date: Any


Duration: 1 month


Qualifications: Good level of fitness and physical strength

Home-stay accommodation

This area needs some help!

Think you are up to the challenge? See how to apply here or send us an email with any questions you may have.

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