Mae Pa Kee

Mae Pa Kee School, Phrao, Chiang Mai


Mae Pa Kee School is home to children from pre-school age to secondary (5 to 15 years), from the surrounding villages and hill tribes, in Phrao district of Chiang Mai province. Some children also live here at this school (as well as some teachers), due to its location far into the beautiful mountains. Mae Pa Kee School are looking for English teachers to help improve their teaching and to allow their students to experience native English speakers and different methods of teaching. The school is situated 25km from Phrao, has 224 students and is surrounded by lush, green nature.


Mae Pa Kee are looking for 2 volunteers to commit for as long as possible (1 month minimum).





Your work

Volunteers will work Monday to Friday, working across the grades of the school. It is up to you as the volunteer and your lead teacher/head teacher on how many lessons you teach a day and what it is you teach. Music is always a great way to teach students and the school would love to see this put into some of your lessons. Don't worry if you can't sing, the students will just be happy to join in!


At the weekends, volunteers will be able to travel back to Phrao with teachers and therefore can go to Chiang Mai from there to make the most of their free time. The weekends are up to you!


Food and accommodation

Volunteers will be allocated money for food and accommodation. This will either directly go into your hands, or to your host. Mae Pa Kee have accommodation on the school site. It is a house with 3/4 bedrooms, either shared with other volunteers or teachers. You will have access to wi-fi but the signal is not always very strong.

You will be given 3 meals a day at the school, eating with the teachers and/or students. There are 2 small shops in the village where you can by snacks and drinks from. The teachers will show you around and tell you everything you need to know!


Required skills

Volunteers must be either fluent in English or have a good enough speaking level to teach to the students. Thai skills should be very basic and can be learnt whilst at the school with the other teachers. The more you know, the easier it will be to explain and teach.


Volunteers should have at least some experience in education and preferably TEFL qualififed. We will consider all levels of experience so please still apply even if you aren't sure of your suitability! Volunteers must also be creative, able to make lesson plans by themselves and manage their time wisely.


There will be an English teacher, Thai native, to help with language barriers and guide you along your stay at the school.


Summary Criteria




Position: English Teacher


Age: 18 and over


Sex: Male or Female


Start date: Any


Duration: 1 - 12 months


Qualifications: TEFL

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