Little Candles School/Dek Chalard Foundation

Little Candles School/Dek Chalard Foundation, Phrao, Chiang Mai


Not far from the main town in Phrao, Chiang Mai, this school is home to students from 3 to 6 years of age. Little Candles School are looking for English and Chinese teachers to assist with their curriculum for Kindergarten teaching. This is a great opportunity for the school to learn from native speakers and for you to learn skills in teaching abroad with young children. Little Candles school work in collaboration with the Dek Chalard Foundation, whose main goal is to give opportunities to disadvantaged children and have quality education from the youngest age. The foundation runs a nursery and kindergarten here in Phrao.


School Badge

Little Candles school are looking for 2 volunteers to stay from 2 to 3 months.


Your work

The volunteer will mainly be working with Kindergarten children, teaching English or Chinese. If the volunteer has skills in art or music, this would be a bonus most desired by the school. On a daily basis, volunteers work Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm), with the primary task of teaching. Volunteers should be able to produce lessons plans, and teach children interactively and creatively through crafts, songs, storytelling and art.


On Saturdays, volunteers will have the option of being involved in the youth program, which involves primary and secondary school children; teaching English or Chinese conversation and organising games, or helping in the music band. If the volunteers take this option, then days of work will change accordingly so as to only be working 5 days a week.


Food and Accommodation


Little Candles school will provide a guest room in or close by to the school, with a single, private bedroom and a shared bedroom. Accommodation will be basic living, which may not include a hot shower. Volunteers must be prepared to leave behind their home comforts and embrace the Thai way of living.


1 meal at lunch time will be provided during the week, when volunteers are at the school. Food will be Thai cuisine, however they can cater for non-spicy if requested. All other meals will be down to the volunteer; money will be allocated from the total payment and help from the volunteer co-ordnator on where and what to buy. You won't be left alone!


The school has a school bus that will bring the volunteer from the accommodation to school every morning, and back again in the evening. There is also the option of using a motorcyle, however volunteer must have a valid license and at least 2 years riding experience.


Required Skills

Volunteers must be over 21 years of age and be fluent in the language they will be teaching, whether this is English or Chinese. Basic Thai lanuage will be offered and you will have the support from your mentor, who has a good level of English communication.



Volunteers should be educated to at least diploma level, with preference over a teaching degree, but this is not essential. Having some experience in teaching will be favourable.



Little Candles School and the Dek Chalard Foundation are established along Christian principles. Although they do not expect volunteers to have the same background, volunteers should be open and comfortable with the Christian activities and atmosphere of the school.


Summary Criteria




Position: English and/or Chinese Teacher


Age: 21 and over


Sex: Male or Female


Start date: Any


Duration: 2 - 3 months


Qualifications: Degree in teaching and previous experience in school

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