Chao Pho Luang 2

Chao Pho Luang 2 School, Mae La Ngong, Phrao, Chiang Mai


A beautiful school deep in the mountains of Phrao is looking for volunteer English, and Art teachers to help improve their school and give the students the opportunity to learn from English speakers. This school also welcomes volunteers who wish to help in childcare for the younger children. This school has students from 4/5 to 11 years of age, and teaching would be spread across the years. An excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to gain relevant experience, taking a gap year, or wants to see rural Thailand at its best!


This is ideal for 2 or 3 volunteers, any age and any sex. Your length of stay is completely up to, but please be aware of the Thai school holidays.


Your work

Chao Pho Luang school are looking for volunteers who can teach across the board. Your day to day tasks will differ depending on the age of the classes you will teach, and whether you will be teaching English, Art or a mixture of the two. There will be a teacher at the school who has a basic level of English and can talk you through your stay, work and the situation at the school.


This school is far from Phrao town, about 12km, and situated amongst beautiful rice fields and mountains. Most of the teachers live at the school, at least from Monday to Friday, as well as the students. Students are from different hill tribes, and so Thai is not their first language. As well as having funding from the police authorities, donations from the royal family have also been given to this fantastic school.


Food and accommodation

Accommodation for this volunteer program will be in the school, due to its distance from Phrao town. Volunteers will have their own individual room, with a bathroom and utility facilities. If the school expects more volunteers then they will look to rent accommodation close to the school to cater for everyone. There is also wi-fi available but the signal is not always strong.


Food will therefore also be at the school. Teachers prepare the food together and so will be of Thai cuisine. If this is not to your taste then supplies can be brought from the nearest village or Phrao town (please let us know if this is the case).


As everything you need is within the school grounds, there is no transport provided. However, teachers will travel to and from Phrao at the weekends, and so if you would like a trip to Chiang Mai city or anywhere else then this can easily be arranged. There is also a school bus that goes to and from Phrao town everyday, take this with the children and you'll be sure to learn some Thai and be asked many questions!


Required skills

Volunteers must have an intermediate level of English and some very basic Thai skills (we can help you with this!).


Volunteers will be expected to work alongside other teachers, and learn from one another. They should possess creative ideas to teach the students and have a great love for working with children.


Chao Pho Luang 2 school are very excited to welcome you and await your arrival!


Summary Criteria




Position: English Teacher, Art Teacher


Age: 18 and over


Sex: Male or Female


Start date: Any


Duration: Volunteer choice


Qualifications: Intermediate level of English and basic Thai (or willingness to learn)

School playing field

School classroom

Are you interested? If so then find out how to apply here or send us an email with any questions!

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