Child and Youth Development Association (CYDA)


CYDA is a NGO operating in Chiang Mai, with its main purpose to support disadvantaged children and to improve their quality of life. CYDA want to give the children the opportunity to get higher education, learn about agriculture, ecology, environment conservation, and promote Thai culture and traditions.


CYDA is looking for 1 volunteer to commit to 3-6 months volunteer work, preferred.


Your Work

CYDA are looking into ways of expanding their programme and improve their existing one by collecting a small income. CYDA wish to do this by setting up a guest house on site. A volunteer is needed to get the ball rolling and help CYDA start the guest house. This will involve a lot of administration work, forming terms and conditions, creating a website, and promoting the new guest house. All profits that are made will go directly back into CYDA and begin to help the organisation grow.


As there are also some children living at CYDA, there will be a chance to do some English teaching and to help with their homework. They are all at secondary school level and this job would be secondary to the guest house management.


You will work Monday to Friday, 9-5pm, which leaves you with the weekends to yourself! A bicycle is provided by CYDA and you will also have access to a motorbike which is shared with the other Thai staff and so use may be limited.


Food and Accommodation

Accommodation is provided on site. It is clean and basic and there is a bathroom next door. Meals are provided during the weekdays and it is common practice to eat together with Thai staff and children who live there also. There is also wi-fi, which usually has a good signal but like in most places in Thailand, can sometimes not work.


Required Skills


Volunteer must be 21 or over and have a good level of English. The English language will be needed to communicate to tourists who stay at the guest house and so it must be legible. The volunteer is not expected to know Thai, but basic skills or learning before you come would be very beneficial.


CYDA would prefer to have a volunteer with 1-3 years experience in the hospitality and management field, however is open to people with many different experiences that could be beneficial to the role. They should respect and understand the meaning behind CYDA and help to work towards their goals.


The volunteer must be very pro-active and able to work on own initiative. The majority of the time the volunteer will be lone-working and should accept this and be able to get on with the job in hand. A volunteer with a creative and positive outlook would suit CYDA well.


Summary Criteria




Position: Guest house manager/start up


Age: 21 and over


Sex: Male or Female


Start date: Any


Duration: 3 - 6 months


Qualifications: Hospitality and/or management

Here are some tips and a further explanation of what CYDA are after

Are you interested? See how to apply here, or send us an email!

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