13 November 2014 - Move Lanna welcomed on board Charles, our web designer. Yes, we already have a website, however Charles is much more skilled than we are and will aim to make it bigger and better. He will also look at ways to improve the website for web accessibility, meaning that all users can access our information. We thank you Charles!



Meeting Mae Waen Noi


25 November 2014 - Some of the staff (and guests) of ARC, our mother association, took a trip to Mae Waen Noi village in Phrao district. Villagers here want to work with ARC to make a children's center, just like we have in Siplang and Mae Soon. This is great news for Move Lanna as it means some potential new volunteering opportunities. Keep a look out, we have positions for construction and also childcare, as this children's center will host approximately 18 children from 3 to 6 years of age.




Meeting Phrao Hospital



27 November 2014 - Yet another successful meeting, Move Lanna could not be happier. Today we visited Phrao hospital, the only hospital in the district, to have a meeting with the director. He is very excited at the prospect of welcoming on board volunteers to help at the hospital, whether it's on the wards or in their rehabilitation center. We now wait for some concrete feedback and then Move Lanna will be posting some more volunteer opportunities! A great day!




Meeting Abu Ari


20 December 2014 - ARC's director and volunteer co-ordinator visited Abu Ari Foundation in Chiang Rai, one of our partner organisations. We were excitedly greeted by 16 children living at the home, and met the founder and director. Move Lanna's aim was to discuss our partnership and how we can help bring in volunteers. So, we now are waiting on information about a fundraising volunteer, PR volunteer, graphic designer/marketing volunteer, and an English tutoring volunteer. Keep your eyes peeled or email us for first hand information!





Ella and Musa (volunteer)
Musa (volunteer)


14 January 2015 - Move Lanna welcomes its FIRST volunteers, and introduces them to Ban Luang School. Ella, from Switzerland, will be with us until March, and Musa, from Turkey, will be with us till mid-February. We welcome them both on board and are excited to see the fruits of their labour (as are Ban Luang!)




10 February 2015 - Feedback from our first volunteer, Musa; "It was really nice to be there with these people in Ban Luang School. I learnt about teaching and got to play volleyball with the students. We really made good friends and if I would have time I could definitely go back and have some more time with them. Also I must say that Move Lanna was really helpful to us about everything from the beginning till the end. Thank you so much and hopefully see you again."

6 April 2015 - From our volunteer, Ella; "I enjoyed my time at Ban Luang School a lot and I’d really like to come back some time. Since I was living there for about three months I could learn a lot about the Thai culture and people which was a unique experience. Everyone was so nice and helping me with every question and problem I had. Also, my students were so grateful and nice when I left. I hope I will have the opportunity to teach again at some point in my life."

Move Lanna are looking for a volunteer to take over the very important role of Volunteer Coordinator, when our current volunteer leaves to go back to England. If you're interested, take a look here for more information and get in touch!


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